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Sunday, 21.04.2019, 23:23
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Report 4/2/14

After one of the coldest winter I can remember with countless snow storms and endless windy weather the weather is finally starting to warm.  Unfortunately it takes a long time for our water temps to rise.  We did head out today, and had some bites right away, but that did not last. When we first anchored up we had slack current and a few fish.  Then the current began running from the north, and instantly shut all signs of life off.  Tried a bunch of different spots, but nothing worked.   We saw 8 fish over the rail, and that was all before 10.  With warm weather in sight for the next 7 days it will slowly help bring up the water temps which will make our Tog start to chew again.  On a side note Blue Crab season opened on the 1st, and talked to a few of the crabbers.  There are 5 crabbers at our marina now, and can each drop 300 pots a person.  So 1500 pots out just from our marina, and not one of them have even seen a crab.  These guys are feeling the cold water pinch aswell.   Hopefully things will change soon, and we will get into some hot spring Tog action.

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